On the bed we lie
The body in two – and
The soul united.
We speak things that
Troubles and gives pleasure.

Cruel are the words
The more I hide
It reveals itself – making
Me naked before her
Love that brings tears unto me.

Those tears when
It rolls over and touches
The lips I taste it.
Oh Lord! It was
Sweet, and bitter as well.

A perfect combination
Of life – balanced.
Each and every touch
That followed – brings
Memories in abundance.

When I go on
Re-collecting events
I saw the emptiness that was full.
And the child in me
Came in my dreams,

Fiddling with my memories.
I slapped – Yes
I did. And he vanishes instantly
Leaving a scar
Turning my nights sleepless.

We lie on the bed
In two bodies – one awake
And the other asleep.
I am trying to wake her up,
If she too having

A bad Dream.


Take Me Back in Time

Before the sun starts to shine
Take me back in time
For one more night
Over the moonlight
Where I served my love.
In those words.

My eyes were weary,
But wanted to talk
And there she fell asleep
Without giving a thought
Take me back to that time,
When I served a good night kiss
On those cheek.

The dreams were bright,
With an hug so tight
Was uttering everything
That she wanted it right – away
the sun started shining
And the night broke.
Take me back in time
Before the sun starts to shine

Take me back in time.

Moon Love

Full Moon she is
Always to me.
She neither fades
Nor grows – Full Moon she is.
I have never seen
The moon twinkle
Until I saw her eyes flutter

Full Moon she is always.
I never know – she has the glow
In herself.
Until I saw her shine
In happiness and in sadness;

Full Moon she is always.
She follows me wherever I go;
Weaving spatial memory
At every foot step.

Full Moon she is;
Who takes me to places
And feeds me words.
At times she disappears
Playing hide and seek.

Full Moon she is;
When I reach out,
She turns red and shy;
And when I don’t
She turns blue and cry.

She is my full moon.
The one in my “words,,”
The one I “danced” with,
The one at my “window”,
And the one “over the moon”

Time (Part 1)

He was sitting at the entrance of the room. On the sofa lies a book on “Legal Ethics”, few blank papers, notebook, pen and assignments. Everything was scattered here and there, unlike his room. He was there waiting to meet his friend. It was a holiday, and the wait was getting long. He lights a cigarette, and tries to read something from the playbook. Temporality, a book on cultural study of Time by Russell West Pavlov. Anything about Time feels appropriate, so began to read. The book discusses the idea of time perceived using Clepsydra to the modern digital watches, and how time became the centre of human life. One of the subtitle of the first chapter reads “Time keeping”. His mind took a pause while the phrase “Time keeping” started repeating on his head several times. He abused her profusely in his mind for not keeping up with time.

He took a deep puff of the cigarette, and finishes it in the ash tray. And shuts down the playbook in which he was reading the book on Time. He got up from the sofa and moves around, entering and exiting the room multiple times. One more cigarette! He asked to  himself, No! came the answer from his mind. The idleness made him feel bored, so he thought to himself “Let me see if I can set the room for her.” The fan indeed blew the ashes all over the sofa from the tray. So he went to the main door to switch off the fan before starting to clean. After some time of cleaning, uncle Raj entered exclaiming “Hey Akhil, when did you come? Akhil was surprised to see uncle Raj because his friend told that uncle Raj went out of station.

Akhil avoids uncle Raj because like a quiz master Raj believes and annoys everyone that he has answers to all the quires in the world. Uncle Raj says “knowlege is nothing but experience” while Akhil believes that “knowledge and Experience are two different thing. Anyway, Akhil and Raj’s meeting was not a lengthy one – Raj left early because he had some work in the bank. Akhil had almost finished cleaning the room, and he has to organise the sofa. While setting the papers, books, pen on the sofa; Akhil found a note which read “Be Happy XOXO.” He just smiled and slipped the note into his pocket. The note must be from his friend, whom he was going to meet after a year. Akhil met her in one of the Hyderabad literary festival in 2017, from then onward they became best buddies. She knew Akhil so well so that she dropped him the note in advance. Now, Akhil settled back on the sofa and began to think about all the memories about his friend – Pranathi.

(to be continued)

Satya’s Yellow Shirt

It was sometime in March-April of 2001. Prem was in his standard ninth; and he was very sad. Not because he was leaving the school and his friends but because he won’t be seeing his lover. It was not a fine day for him, and he was getting ready for his final annual day celebration in the school. Prem was the one in the entire batch who was neither good in stuies nor in other activities. But somehow for his lover he will try new fields such as drama / dancing / singing and so on to get her attention. God! in his attempt to make that IMPRESSION on her, I remember how annoying and selfish he becomes.

For an Instance, on the day of celebration friends usually choose a specific colour as dress code. Back then there was no Theme that differentiates us instead we prefer Colour that exhibits sameness. But Prem insisted all of us to wear totally different colours. Initially we couldn’t understand the reason behind it but eventually without any reason we agreed. We all dispersed to home, it was the same evening the cultural program begins. We were having the best bath in that entire year because we are getting the stage to perform and we have to look good. Following the bath we groom ourselves in the best way. In those days cosmetics were only for girls; but occasionally we were allowed to borrow or steal some of them from mother or sister. I managed to steal some of my mom’s Fair & Lovely which made me smell like every other mom in my locality. Also I have saved some Eyetex Kajal Paste to draw moustache. Prem for some reason bought Lipstick, to top it all we all bought different talcum powder and mixed it all together. With all the cosmetics we all met a couple of hours early at the venue, people started walking in one by one, and moments later Prem went missing. Since we all were busy greeting each other’s parents, we didn’t look for him. Almost half an hour later, we saw Prem running like crazy towards us. When enquired, he informed that he went to see his lover at the 4th cross street; after watching her leave the house he came running back to school. Not because of the fear of getting caught by her parents, but because his dress was not matching with hers. Good Lord! at the end it is I who exchanged my yellow shirt to him that was matching with her lovers dress.

For all his annoying behaviour I was waiting for him to go. Actually, such was the thought that keeps coming often in everyone’s mind; but none can handle if he leaves, ‘coz he was such a good caring person. It was not a fine day for him, the time came for Prem and his group to perform on the stage. One last time, for themselves as well as for Prem’s lover. The play was hilarious, everyone enjoyed thoroughly. After the program Prem proposed to her lover, who in turn promised him that she will wait for him.

(Now don’t ask me whether they got married or not, in spite of me sacrificing my yellow shirt on the 2001 annual day celebration, they both got married to some one else and got settled. The annoying thing is they are still in touch with each other in spite of not getting married to each other. I don’t know whether I’m behaving like a person from 80’s / 90’s. But believe me when I get married they will definitely not be in the guest list)

Dimple Cheek

The dimple on her cheek is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about her. I have written poems on her dimple. Poems on my desire to kiss and bite her cheek so hard, so that to begin the next day engaging in “Oodal” (false fight) for making it red. Did I utter the word Oodal? – the only Tamil word that makes her feel nostalgic. Yes indeed, it is her favourite word. Now I even remember how I use to collect all the Kural (Couplets) that talks about Oodal and reciting it to her.

I remember how she use to fall asleep on my lap – on the bench under the tree – in children’s park. She cuddles me in her sleep, murmurs about the day, and if lucky she gives real kisses too. My thighs pain and legs go numb but I never disturb her sleep. It is funny how she fell for me for such trivial gestures. While, I, on the other hand – after she falls asleep – continued to talk to her about how beautiful she is? When she feels everything dreamy/ unclear the next day. I feel good that way, because I repeat the same thing again and again.

Today, I don’t know why I am remembering random things about her – The tears she shed, the happy moments, fights, kisses, outings, gifts, songs, days, nights, stories, gossips, friends, dance – Thinking, whether she will ask me to live all these memories once again?

I don’t know.

But to end with, I still find her cheeks desirable and am not going to write a poem now. 🙂


She was sitting near the window – like a turtle, she was in her shell – immersed into the words of someone else. Her big eyeglasses were reflecting the text distorted; I leap to have a glance of what she was reading and all I could see was her bangles. Oh yes! bangles on both the hands – unusual I know. But the bangles looks as if she was cuffed to the book that she was reading. She smiles and laugh and widens her eyes with excitement as she read. Whomever the writer is s/he must be knowing “how to grab the attention of the other through narratives?” I know how powerful the words are both spoken and written. And I always wanted to conquer those words that interests other to get their attention; in this case her attention. Alas! I’m clearly failing.

The sun was gradually raising, and her eyebrows were moving against the light. Blocking the sun with the book in her hands she sets her hair. It was Monday, think she took a head bath and maybe due to hurry she didn’t dry her hair. I saw her hair tangled and wet. As she continued reading, her eyes slipped a line and accidentally glanced me seated next to her. Though it was like any other day I some how lost all the words that I carried with me for her at that moment. Her reflexes are so quick to understand the same before getting back to the line she slipped.

The journey continued without exchanging any words.

But the future is not.