Monthly Archives: July 2011


I was waiting
Before and After
the moon
falls and raises

A moment
for which I long
through out my life

My clock
gets tired of spinning
its seconds, minutes, and hours
I feel that I’m dead

And when I sip
the vapor
of the milk
my thoughts reversed.
Oh! I’m still alive.

Waiting of course
is so very
But it will change
when expectation fails

I lived long
I even forgot
that I’m alive
“faculty of wonder”

About death
I have no clue
the curiosity crawls
with life to live the dead

Death tortured
by letting me live
while life tortured
by letting me die

I’m waiting
to find who is pleasant
Death? or Life?



It is
“yes” for NO and
“No” for YES

It means
“I’m sorry”- and
“Fuck you all”

It conveys
things of two
Acceptance and

For people in love
it is everything.
It is nothing
For those who are not.

It irritates
misdirect but
To some exceptional freaks
It brings peace.

when the silence speak
It means not what you meant