Nothing was nice
It was nice to be nothing
The formless earth
Covered with darkness and void

Smelling shit
Sometime Stepping on it
Even crawling in it
It was nothing since
We know nothing or see

Nothing was nice
The colorless flowers
Spreading different odor
For one of the five

Senses among which
Stood corruptive the eye
The evolution was progressive
And nothing was nice

We fall and rise
When there was a hurdle
We bleed and stink
Feeding insects on our body

We eat and get eaten
Within the natures life cycle
Not worrying about the loss
Or pain when nothing was nice.

Our nakedness
We were unaware of
But the sense of touch
Made us aware of it
Knowing where is what

The opposite taught
An accidental touch of
The treasured pleasure in us
Spending it together and alone

We made sounds
Which is unique but still
Undistinguished from the wilderness
With which we communicate

Nothing was nice
But the curiosity drove
Those sound building it into
Words, sentences, paragraphs and so on
Thoughts came along with the evolution

He created us differently
Keeping equality at its stake
For all livings, we survived
Fitting our organized thoughts.



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