Paint me with Love

I’m holding my hands
Too long and too wide
Too long so that I can reach you
Too wide so that I can hold you.

Never doubt for how long
I can stand like this.
Of course I complain
Now and then, too much of time
Pains my hands.

So paint me with love
I will stay freeze
Like the painting on the “grecian urn”
Playing the song which is never heard
Dancing without a single move.

When you are done
Call your work of art
As a master piece
Make people believe that I’m
The symbol of love
From then on, you can say nothing.

Let the world talk about us.
By making people’s gaze meaningful,
And breaking all their sarcasm and
Doubts on my madness which
Have been misjudged in the past.

If art tells lie to convey the truth
Then let the painting do its job.
Else let it stand for nothing
For the people who least carry
Rational minds for emotions.



Learning to write, writing to learn.. When all is done, will unlearn things to get myself amused.. View all posts by SANKAR O

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