Monthly Archives: April 2017

Humming Bird

If there is a size below zero she looks exactly the one. Some time I wonder, how she navigates her little body? from place to place. And will she able to take a pat on her shoulder? as an appreciation for the work well done. I don’t know! She flaps her wings a thousand time to maintain a balance in the air feeding on every flower. But I hardly know anything about the purpose of her flight. Am not pitying her physical strength or romanticizing. But just randomly thinking about her.

She is known for her quickness. It must be natural for her to learn everything fast, but maybe without realizing the good and the bad. And it is obvious that she has to visit every flower that is empty as well as the one overflowing with honey. As a spectator I can reason out with my human mind that not all flowers taste the same. But she has to feed herself to survive. I see her getting obsessed with one flower which she finds attractive. She knew that the flower contains honey occasionally. In spite of the fact, she waits! For days and months starving. The flower never bloomed, thereafter.

The last I saw her flew- flapping her now the broken wings- to the same flower which she is obsessed with- looking for honey.